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I purchased a pair of Reebok Zig Tech sneakers in December 2010 to give my son for his B-day in January. Four months later the low quality material on the uppers have ripped across the top of his toe box.

This is not normal wear and tear. My son is 11 and wears them everyday. The soles are in great shape and the tearing of the upper in such an abnormal wear location makes them unwearable. These sneakers have worn out earlier than any other sneaker we've purchased for him.

I wish I could post a picture, words don't do justice to the state of these sneakers.

I'm pissed and I think Reebok should refund my I $99 for such a shoddy product! I'm very disappointed!

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I bought my son a pair of zig tech shark and less them 3 months the mesh in the front of the shoe separated an ripped open on both. I called them and they just want to give me 25% off another pair ?why would I want another pair they are *** and not worth the 100

I paid for them


I rolled my ankle in these shoes.. they are trash do not play basket ball in these shoes..

you will regret it.. im looking to send these back and get my money back or exchange for a better pair of reeboks..

to Rell Duncanville, Texas, United States #601137

I agree with you I was playing basketball today and i sprained my ankle and fell on mmmy knees

to Rell #757576

Reebok have different type of shoes for basketball. Reebok Zigtech are NOT designed for playing basketball, this pair if shoes is designed and made for running. I have a pair of ZigTech and it works flawlessly.

to gordon #866720

There are zigtech basketball shoes made with same marerials. Ive owned both and both tire up front


Had them 2 months the top mesh ripped out.Very disappointed spent 90.00,could have gotten a 25.00 pair that would have lasted longer




Wow I am not the only one with this issue. I have a pair of light grey mesh and orange bottoms.

I think they look great until I wore them for less than weeks with just walking in them so barley normal use. The fabric just start ripping in 3 to 4 places on both shoes. I was told to send my receipt. I did that and still havent heard anything back.

Its been months.

I wish I would have watched for reviews of these shoes. Thanks


On my feet for 12 hr days. They have been absolutely a lifesaver for my back and legs.

I had been wearing Nike Shox up until a few weeks ago. Co workers are now starting to purchase and comment on how comfortable they are.

Purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods for $69 dollars. Far below the Nike price.


My twins customized some ZigTechs for Christmas, and the exact same thing happened to them. The "base" material on the upper ripped right where the shoe creases when they walk.

Stiched them and they rip again. Called Reebok and they were very nice and offered a re-customization or a refund...whichever I choose.

I won't buy custom zigs again...I will buy Reeboks again. Good company.


I boutght these shoes and they were so comfy until I Was doing a routine exercises and they completely split where the shoe meets where the middle by the laces. Good thing I didn't get hurt.

So comfy but not durable. I only had them for 4 months.


got these in march 2011 for my sons birthday.

The top mesh keeps tearing. I have stitched them back together and they rip again.

don't buy


awesome shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! work great and make my feet feel cool!!!I LOVE THEM!!!


i think the zigtech are awesome!!! great quality probably just got a bad pair


I bought these for my energetic 9 year old... They wore down to the soles on the inner front corners....

They make him walk on his toes due to the higher soles I think... They are junk and can possibly cause issues. He has never had another pair of shoes do this...

Even he doesn't want another pair! :( :(


I would be pissed too. Those shoes look like someone put a knife to em. Did you try emailing Reebok?

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