Powai, Maharashtra

Bought an expensive pair of shoes from Reebok. They got torn in 6 months and now the store is unwilling to repair / replace them.

They are unwilling to take any responsibility and are directing me to a local vendor. This is not expected from Reebok and specially when we are paying such a lot of money.i wrote to their customer service 10 days ago and still no acknowledgement, let alone a response as to how they will solve the problem. Really bad product and terrible service.

I recommend they get their act together sooner than later. z.z.z.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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You are crying about a pair of shoes that you tore and you want them to replace them..you

Should be embarrassed to put that comment out. They werent to expensive you didn't take better care of them. Smh

Los Angeles, California, United States #667233

so you wear a pair of shoes for 6 months

you rip them

and you expect them to pay??

no one that owns any product would replace it for you unless the rip was due to a structural defect.

if that was the case, then you have a case

if you just ripped your shoes being careless..too bad. no matter what the cost was..

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