I have worn Princess Reebok with leather uppers for over 20 years. I have tried other brands like New Balance and Nike but ALways come back to Princess for comfort.

I just got my new yearly pair which I ordered online and I am very angry because they are NOT what I ordered. They have man made material uppers. I thought it was a knock off until I checked all the labels. I also regard it as a bait and switch.

It had all the same tags inside, "100 years of quality craftmanship...." the Gold Classic across the tongue the price is the same and yet it is made out of man made material NOT the same, not what I come to expect and rely on as a Princess Classic.

There was no announcement, no indication anywhere when I ordered these on line that it was man made synthetic material uppers and NOT leather uppers. Bait and Switch.

Loyal, long time, regular customers of this particular style are loyal regular customers because of what they have come to know and rely on as the Classic Princess style shoe with leather uppers. The switch is a deceit and breach of that trust and reliance. No warning. The price also does not reflect that there is any difference.

I am very unhappy. I want what I paid for and was lead to believe I was getting, a Classic Princess Style with leather uppers Reebok shoe. I didn't even know they made a synthetic uppers Princess style. I never had to choose between the two. A choice was never offered in this case either.

I wrote to Reebok customer service 7 days ago. I have not received a response. There are a lot of unhappy people expressing the same feelings on their comment page. This particularly style of Reebok is their most popular style.

I went to Kohl's and Sears all of which according to their websites have Classic Reebok princess style shoes, Sears specified leather uppers, in my size. When I got there they were all man made materials. I talked with the salesperson at Sears who was very knowledgeable about her inventory and she was unaware of the switch that had occurred and was surprised when I pointed it out to her.

I asked corporate customer service via a telephone line in the Kolh's store to check back stock and they said they don't have anything. Only thing they had was size 5 and 5 1/2 and they don't know if it is synthetic or leather. I asked if they were going to be getting more and what kind. He couldn't tell me. I asked if anyone could. He said, "no.'

I don't think Reeboks is making the leather upper Princess style shoe anymore and the only ones available are going to be what is hiding in back stocks. Macy's even showed they carry Reeboks with leather uppers but they were out of stock.

I regard this bait and switch by Reebok as very disengenuous, deceitful and a company that doesn't give a *** about their customers. They are not offering any explanation of the switch or price adjustment. I hold Reebok responsible.

They have factories all over the world. Shoes I looked at were made in Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam, China and Indonesia. Thought a certain area might be making the leather ones.

I looked at a lot of shoes. Not a happy camper. Reebok doesn't know what they are in for and it is going to be interesting to see how they handle a bunch of loyal, long time customer's whose dogs are barking because they can't get the comfortable shoes they love. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Many many women have relied on this princess style sneaker made of all REAL leather uppers to work and walk in. Can't function without them, if they have sensitive feet or foot problems.

You are really losing a big enduring customer base by changing and cheapening this shoe! Maybe you feel you can lose that business, but so many of us will be totally turned off to your entire brand, and will share with others.


I recently bought a pair of the Reebok Freestyle high tops. I wore them religiously beginning in '86 up until the early 2000s.

Then I began to wear more dress shoes. That being said, the Reebok became less and less available except for places such as Sears. I bought this new pair that is now listed as the EX-O Fit high tops on the Reebok website. I noticed that the 'leather' did not look as soft as I remembered from the past.

I read some of the reviews from the Reebok site where a few customers commented on the man-made material now being used. I should have listened. I purchased them anyway and they were in fact man-made and not true soft leather, did not have the arch support (very uncomfortable), and kept an unpleasant foul odor in the shoes. I used foot spray, foot powder, and baking soda and the smell remained.

I finally threw the shoes in the garbage in August 2018. Mind you, this was after purchasing them in March 2018. Good value, huh? Reebok kept sending e-mails to see how I liked the purchase and I wrote a scathing review that shockingly did not meet the standards and was refused publication.

This is really a shame considering how many of the customers who wore these shoes are long standing customers who want to continue to wear a comfortable, good looking, and quality shoe that they remembered from the 80s and throughout the 90s. I could even understand a truthful ad campaign stating that the classics may look like they did in the 80s and 90s but we have become aware of the practices in using genuine leather and we have tried to recapture the old look and feel of the classic shoe but some changes may occur.

Then list the differences and how they are better for the animals and environment. Be truthful, not deceitful.


I have to agree. I have worn the princess style for over 20 years. Was very disappointed when I discovered they were no longer leather uppers...very deceitful marketing

Granite City, Illinois, United States #1264101

I always had trouble finding really comfortable shoes until the Reebok leather princess. Wore them for years.

Then they became man-made, and just don't have the "give".

They weren't comfortable, and I never bought another pair. Too bad, I really loved those shoes.

Houston, Texas, United States #1252007

I agree I have been wearing them since 1981 and the new ones are very hazardous it can topple you over I had was to go over to payless shoes and buy a pair of their champion sneakers the one with the mesh and to my surprise they were darn comfortable so now i am on my second pair so reebock audio's when yiu bring back the original princeds I will come back


I just bought Reebok women's walkers at Sears. They don't list the materials and I didn't realize they would be anything other than leather.

My feet get too hot in them. I am not going to buy Reeboks again.

Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States #1231011

I was confused by the two different white princess reeboks on a website. When I looked more closely, one was more expensive and denoted "leather." The other was less expensive and denoted "synthetic."


Although this is an old post, I agree with you. I am a guy, unfortunately my favorite Reebok shoes changed years ago too.

Today in 2015 they are still advertised as the same shoe and as leather although they are not. I have not bought Reebok for several years now although I would if they still made the old shoes of the 80's. I hate wearing shoes at all but I miss the old Reeboks. I hate shoe shopping because I see these new shoes, they look good but feel like poo.

All shoes are getting cheap in quality, not price, ever since crocs came out. (Cheap recyclable material) I have no idea what to buy anymore. If I find something that is actually comfortable they wear out in one or two months.

This is not good for the earth, but it is good for high profits. http://retrobok.com/2011/07/27/hall-of-fame-80s/


I am so sad to learn Reebok now makes their Reebok Princess shoes out of a nasty plastic upper. It is cheesy -uck!

Too bad - some of us really loved those shoes (at any price) and now are terribly disappointed.

I am happy to pay for the quality I want. I will have to find a new shoe company with an eye to QUALITY and success.


I went to a Reebok outlet store to purchase 2 pair of Reebok dmx walkers (which are the only sneakers I wear, which is almost all of the time) and was informed by the salesperson (who while I was saddened to hear the truth, but very much appreciated his honesty) Reebok no longer makes genuine leather shoes. Their sneakers / shoes are made from synthetic leather. Very sad, and looks like it's time for me no longer to purchase Reebok footwear.


Momjean you need to get real. It figures you California tree hugging liberals are too *** to know what you are talking about concerning where the leather comes from to make quality leather merchandise.

You all are so busy minding everyone else's business causing you to blurt out ignorant opinions that have no factual basis. While you may consider yourself a better quality customer, you are actually an *** willing to pay more for some harmful synthetic to put on your feet possibly causing foot fungus and other diseases from sweat retaining plastic. Why don't you try loving yourself enough to cherish your own health instead of promoting garbage.

You would do well to carefully screen everything you put into your foolish mouth as most of it is probably derived from animals. Face it these shoes are now fungus promoting garbage and people like you deserve to pay more for them, do your research!




I am Pissed off too....I also have worn LEATHER ONLY Reebok Princess shoes for the last 20 years too. I guess Reebok are saving a few dollars using the synthetic, unhealthy, material.

I hate the one pair I have with this new material.



I am joining the ranks of women who will not pay such a price for a cheap shoe.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #930825

I have not been pleased with the last purchase. The wide is to tight and the inside material is not the same.

Have worn this brand for at least 20 years, but not anymore. Try New Balance.

San Diego, California, United States #893654

Reebok may lose you as a customer but will be getting a better quality of customer. One who has compassion for all beings. Times are changing

San Diego, California, United States #893647

I'm happy more shoes are man made myself I would pay more to get shoes I

like in all made material. Do you realize how the animals have to suffer and die because of selfish and heartless people who have to have leather

to Momjean #1593165

Not if you have crippling foot problems and desperately need a shoe you can stand, work in, or walk more than a few blocks wearing! Leather will always be in use!

Go take it away from the luxury handbag and coat manufacturers! Functional comfortable shoes are too important for a lot of people!

Beverly Hills, Florida, United States #821229

I made the same comments on a review on the Reebok web site. The new material is stiff, hot, cheap looking and uncomfortable.

I would rather pay more for the same old quality leather shoe than the new version.

Oddly, after some months, Reebok actually contacted me regarding the review, and said that the decision to change was made with economic considerations. They did offer to send me a new pair of shoes but, to this date, I have not received any


They even changed the sizes. Wide in now narrow.

I'm out! Try "EasySpirit Ep1" or " New Balance WW535 " .

Good Luck! Sure do miss my Princess's :cry :? :( :sigh :roll

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